Memorial Auditorium; Spartanburg, SC:

World Wide Wrestling/Mid Atlantic Wrestling TV tapings

-Wahoo McDaniel & King Kong Bundy vs The Road Warriors

-other stars advertised were Jimmy Valiant, Adrian Street, Ernie Ladd, Dick Slater, Pez Whatley, Rufus R Jones, The Great Kabuki, Ivan Koloff, Angelo Mosca Sr, Angelo Mosca Jr, Mark & Jay Youngblood, Don Kernodle, Brian Adidas



STARCADE '84; Greensboro Coliseum; Greensboro, NC:

-NWA World title, cage match, referee Joe Frasier: Ric Flair (c) beat Dusty Rhodes when the referee stopped the match

-United States title: Wahoo McDaniel (c) beat Billy Graham

-NWA TV title: Tully Blanchard (c) beat Ricky Steamboat

-Mid-Atlantic title: Ron Bass (c) beat Dick Slater by dq

-Ivan & Nikita Koloff beat Ole Anderson & Keith Larsen

-Manny Fernandez beat Black Bart

-The Assassin & Buzz Tyler beat The Zambuie Express

-Florida title: Jesse Barr (c) beat Mike Graham

-Brian Adias beat Masao Ito

-NWA World Junior title: Denny Brown defeated Mike Davis (c) to win the title


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