Richmond Coliseum; Richmond VA

-Mid-Atlantic title, no dq: Jim Brunzell beat Kan Patera (c) to win the title

-Title vs title: NWA TV Champion Ricky Steamboat beat United States Champion Jimmy Snuka by dq

-Ric Flair beat John Studd

-Johnny Weaver & SD Jones beat Gene Anderson & Brute Bernard

-Pedro Morales & Bob Marcus beat Charlie Fulton & David Patterson

-Tony Garea beat Swede Hanson

-Abe Jacobs vs Cocoa Samoa went to a draw



Greensboro Coliseum; Greensboro, NC:

-Texas street fight: Blackjack Mulligan beat John Studd

-United States title: Jimmy Snuka vs Mister Wrestling went to a double countout

-Mid-Atlantic title: Ray Stevens beat Jim Brunzell (c) to win the title

-Andre The Giant won a $7500 14 man battle royal; other participants were King Curtis, Gene Anderson, Mister X #1, Brute Bernard, John Tolos, Frank Monte, David Patterson, Johnny Weaver, SD Jones, Tony Garea, Cocoa Samoa, Billy Starr, Bob Marcus

-SD Jones beat David Patterson

-Steve Muslin beat Frank Monte


Scope Coliseum; Norfolk, VA:

-NWA World Tag-Team title: Paul Jones & Baron Von Raschke beat Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood (c) by dq

-Buddy Rogers beat Ric Flair

-Rufus R Joes beat Dewey Robertson

-Don Kernodle & Rick McGraw beat The Scorpion & Doug Somers

-Ronny Sexton beat Tony Russo

-Abe Jacobs beat Charlie Fulton



Charlotte Coliseum; Charlotte, NC:

-NWA World Tag-Team title, cage match: Jay Youngblood & Ricky Steamboat (c) beat Paul Jones & Baron Von Raschke

-Mid-Atlantic title: Jim Brunzell beat Ray Stevens (c) to win the title

-Johnny Weaver beat Dewey Robertson by countout

-SD Jones & Tony Garea beat Frankie Lanes & Sgt Jaques Goulet

-Mister X #1 & Doug Somers beat Cocoa Samoa & Abe Jacobs

-Luther Dargin beat Charlie Fulton

-Bob Marcus beat Frank Monte

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