Township Auditorium; Columbia, SC:

-Mid-Atlantic title: Johnny Valentine (c) beat Jerry Brisco

-Super Destroyer vs Swede Hanson went to a double dq

-Scott Casey & Ed Wiskowski vs Bill White & Rick Ferrara

-Don Kernodle vs El Gaucho

-Bill Crouch vs Joe Soto



Greensboro Coliseum; Greensboro, NC:

-NWA World title: Wahoo McDaniel beat Jack Brisco (c) by dq

-Cage match, referee Joe Louis: Swede Hanson beat Rip Hawk

-The Avenger beat The Super Destroyer by dq

-Mister Fuji beat Sandy Scott

-Ivan Koloff & Ric Flair beat Johnny Weaver & Tiger Conway

-Paul Jones beat Pak Song

-Ken Dillenger & Cowboy Parker beat Billy Ashe & Klondike Bill

-Danny Miller vs Chuck O'Connor went to a draw


Norfolk Scope Exhibition Hall; Norfolk, VA:

-Mid-Atlantic title, no dq: Johnny Valentine (c) vs Sonny King went to a double countout

-Brute Bernard vs Bob Bruggers

-Art Nelson vs Tommy Seigler



Park Center; Charlotte, NC:

-Mid-Atlantic title: Paul Jones beat Johnny Valentine (c) by dq

-Swede Hanson & Abe Jacobs beat Rip Hawk & Chuck O'Connor

-Ric Flair beat Charlie Cook

-Don Kernodle beat Pedro Godoy

-Mr Hayashi vs Bill Crouch ended in a draw


Memorial Auditorium; Greenville, SC:

-The Avenger beat The Super Destroyer

-Loser leave town: Sonny King beat Missouri Mauler

-Mixed tag-team match: Evelyn Stevens & Sandy Scott vs Dorothy Down & Art Nelson

-Tommy Siegler vs Brute Bernard

-Klondike Bill vs George Harris

-Frank Morrell vs Mike Stawing

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