Greensboro Coliseum; Greensboro, NC

-NWA World title, 2 out of 3 falls: Gene Kiniski (c) vs Johnny Weaver went to a draw

-2 out of 3 falls: George & Sandy Scott & George Becker beat The Infernos & JC Dykes

-Haystacks Calhoun & The Amazing Zuma beat Missouri Mauler & Pampiro Firpo

-Swede Hanson & Rip Hawk beat Les Thatcher & Rudy Kay

-Lee Henning beat Bob Nandor


Norfolk Arena; Norfolk, VA

-Gene & Lars Anderson beat Bobby Red Cloud & Chief Little Eagle

-Tex McKenzie & Nelson Royal beat PY Chung & Haru Sasaki

-Dennis Hall beat Tiny Mills

-Roger Kirby beat Pancho Valdez

-Alex Medina vs Chuck Coney went to a draw

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