Charlotte Coliseum; Charlotte, NC

-NWA World Tag-Team title, cage match, referee Wahoo McDaniel: Ole & Gene Anderson beat Ric Flair & Greg Valentine (c) to win the title

-Bobo Brazil beat Missouri Mauler

-Crusher Blackwell & Mister X beat Ricky Steamboat & Ron Starr

-Rick McGraw beat Kim Duk

-Mr Sato beat Butch Malone

-Scott Irwin beat Frankie Lane



Greensboro Coliseum; Greensboro, NC:

-Texas Death match: Dino Bravo beat Blackjack Mulligan

-Mid-Atlantic title: Greg Valentine beat Wahoo McDaniel (c) to win the title

-Mid-Atlantic TV title: Bobo Brazil beat Ric Flair (c) by dq

-Tully Blanchard, Ricky Steamboat, & Ted Oates beat Boris Malenko, Kim Duk, & Brute Bernard

-Steve Kovacs beat Lanny Poffo

-Danny Miller beat Larry Sharpe

-Mister Sato vs Sgt Jacques Goulet went to a draw



Dorton Arena; Raleigh, NC

-Mid-Atlantic title, 2 referees: Wahoo McDaniel beat Greg Valentine (c) to win the title

-Lumberjack match: Masked Superstar beat Might Igor

-The Missouri Mauler & The Russian Stomper beat Johnny Weaver & Mister Wrestling

-Tully Blanchard beat George Harris

-Ted Oates beat Tony Russo



WRAL TV Studios; Raleigh, NC

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling TV taping

-Mid-Atlantic title vs $2000: Greg Valentine beat Wahoo McDaniel (c) to win the title



Greensboro Coliseum; Greensboro, NC:

-Blackjack Mulligan won a $10,000 2 ring 22 man battle royal; other participants included Might Igor, Andre The Giant, Ken Patera, Mister Wrestling, Ric Flair, Missouri Mauler, Tiger Conway Jr, Rick McGraw, Dino Bravo, Baron Von Raschke, The Stomper, Abe Jacobs, Johnny Weaver, Tony Russo, Ricky Ferrara, Dick Murdoch, Klondike Bill, Scott Irwin, Hartford Love, and Mister Sato

-Wahoo McDaniel beat Greg Valentine by dq

-Tiger Conway Jr beat Dick Murdoch by dq

-Dino Bravo beat Scott Irwin

-Mister Sato beat Tony Russo

-Rick McGraw beat Tony Ferrara


Scope Coliseum; Norfolk, VA:

-NWA World title: Harley Race (c) vs Ricky Steamboat

-Paul Jones vs The Masked Superstar

-Bobo Brazil vs Tiny Gordon

-Roberto Soto vs Bill White

-Mister X #1 & 2 vs Danny Miller & Ted Oates

-Jimmy Garvin vs Charlie Fulton

-Tully Blanchard vs Frank Monte



Charlotte Coliseum; Charlotte, NC:

-Mid-Atlantic title: Wahoo McDaniel beat Greg Valentine (c) by dq

-Mighty Igor & Ken Patera beat Blackjack Mulligan & The Masked Superstar

-Tiger Conway Sr & Jr beat The Russian Stomper & Hartford Love

-Swede Hanson beat Tony Russo

-Rick McGraw vs Mister Sato ended in a draw

-Abe Jacobs beat Charlie Fulton


Memorial Auditorium; Greenville, SC:

-Title vs title: United States Champion Ricky Steamboat beat Mid-Atlantic TV Champion Baron Von Raschke

-Ric Flair won a $5000 11 man battle royal. Also involved were Mr Wrestling, Danny Miller, Bobo Brazil, Frank Monte, Dino Bravo, Mr X 1 & 2, Johnny Weaver, Bill White, and Roberto Soto


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